Kết quả hình ảnh cho Uworld 2018 USMLE


Download: (Step 1)

Or Split Files:

  1. Biochemistry (183Mb)
  2. Biostatic (1.87Mb)
  3. Cardiology (250Mb)
  4. Dermatology (5.62Mb)
  5. Endo Pharma (42.7Mb)
  6. Endo Physiology (435kb)
  7. Endocrine Embryo (544kb)
  8. Endocrine Pathology (34.9Mb)
  9. Endocrine Pathophysiology 1 (48.6Mb)
  10. Endocrine Pathophysiology 2 (3.01Mb)
  11. Endocrine (5.64Mb)
  12. ENT (1Mb)
  13. Female Reproductive (74Mb)
  14. General Principals (2Mb)
  15. General Pharma (1.2Mb)
  16. Genetic (5Mb)
  17. GIT (4.52Mb)
  18. Hematology (100Mb)
  19. Immunology (60Mb)
  20. Male Reproductive (9Mb)
  21. Microbiology (109Mb)
  22. Miscellanous (210kb)
  23. MSK (141Mb)
  24. Neurology (105Mb)
  25. Psych-behaviour (61Mb)
  26. Pulmonary (107Mb)

UWORLD notes By Systems (Usmle Grassroots) – Download

UW tables and pics (Usmle Grassroots) (42Mb) – Download

Uworld Algorithm (341Mb) – Download


UWorld Step 3- 2016 (Uploading…)

How to download:

Step1: Click on “Download”, it refers to http://briskgram.net (you need to turn off “Ad Block”), waiting for 5 seconds.

Step2: Click on “Skip Ad“, then It refers to Mshare.io, clicks on “I’m not a Robot“, then “Download“.

Step3: Waiting for 15 seconds, then click on “download” again

These link can produce malicious warning by your browser. But, Don’t worry. It is completely safe^^

These link can produce malicious warning by your browser. But, Don’t worry.It is completely harmless^^

If you are in any place where http://briskgram.net is blocked please use VPN just to take you to the direct link. Then you don’t need VPN for downloading. Set VPN Country to the USA.

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